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Embark on a journey with LUSA 1904, where the very essence of tomorrow is encapsulated in every thread. LUSA, meaning the day after tomorrow, signifies not just the future but a continuous evolution rooted in the profound history of Lacrosse.


In the pivotal year of 1904, the Haudenosaunee tribe, guardians of the sacred game known as 'The Creators Game' or 'The Medicine Game,' unveiled its magic to the world at the Summer Olympics in St. Louis. LUSA 1904 draws inspiration from this seminal moment, weaving a narrative that resonates with the pulse of lacrosse's past and its enduring journey.


Each garment is a canvas, capturing the intricate emotions that dance within the soul of this game. From the earliest chapters of its history to the present, every piece encapsulates a distinct period of The Creators Game. Our creations are not just apparel; they are a remedy for the stifling stigma that has clung to lacrosse for decades.


Feel the vibrancy of life and pride pulsating through our designs, adorned with bright colors and textures of the highest quality. Every meticulous detail is sculpted with an undeniable grace, a nod to the elegance inherent in the universal lacrosse lifestyle.


Our fabrics are not just chosen; they are curated for craftsmanship, luxury, and comfort. The result is a visual symphony of sporty elegance, a genuine representation of the lacrosse culture.


We comprehend the profound significance that this game holds for countless souls, understanding its intended purpose. Our mission is simple yet profound: to spread the word and weave the world together, one stitch at a time. LUSA 1904 is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle, a celebration in the spirit that 'The Creators Game' was a gift to all.


Join us on this expedition, where passion meets purpose, and the heartbeat of lacrosse echoes in every garment. LUSA 1904 is your invitation to be part of a legacy, a journey, and a shared story of pride, culture, and the boundless spirit of tomorrow.

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